Typo3 CMS

  • Backend and Frontend development
  • Extensions development
  • Installation
  • TypoScript
  • Adjustments of extensions
  • Upgrades
  • Assumption of existing projects


  • Backend and Frontend development
  • Working with MVC
  • Plugins/Extensions
  • Cronjobs
  • PDF-Generation
  • Smarty
  • Seach engine optimizations
  • XML parsing und creation
  • SOAP and other services (reading und creation)


  • Data base design
  • Search indexing
  • Complex and optimized requests

HTML: Pixel accurate realization of layouts

  • HTML5
  • Realization of layouts
  • CSS
  • Optimizations for browsers (complete adjustments for IE8 and IE9 only at extra charge)
  • Seach Engine optimizations


  • Custom scripts
  • jQuery
  • Adjustments of jQuery-Plugins
  • Adjustments of existing scripts
  • AJAX


  • Installation
  • Creation of themes
  • Installation of modules
  • Creation of modules (backend and frontend)
  • Creation of new functionalities

Apache2/Linux Server

  • LAMP Installation/adaptions
  • Usage of linux programs, cronjobs and shell scripts


Selection of references

Services: Creation of layouts including responsive, building of the website on basis of these layouts, building of a simple CMS with PHP and MySQL, PHP-Scripts, custom JavaScript, development of download area with own file manager for admin and authorized customers, HTML5 Video, PHP, Smarty, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, create icons as font.
Services: Conception and development of the extension with Typo3 and Extbase, Fluid, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, phantomJS for PDF-generation.
Services: Concept and programming of the extension in Typo3 with extbase and fluid and PHP, configurations, CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, jQuery, AJAX, Shell-Scripting, phantomJS for PDF generation.