Typo3 CMS

  • Backend and Frontend development
  • Extensions development
  • Installation
  • TypoScript
  • Adjustments of extensions
  • Upgrades
  • Assumption of existing projects

Shopware 5 & 6

  • Backend and Frontend development
  • Plugins development
  • Installation
  • Upgrades
  • Assumption of existing projects
  • Theme customizations


  • Backend and Frontend development
  • Working with MVC
  • Plugins/Extensions
  • Cronjobs
  • PDF-Generation
  • Smarty
  • Seach engine optimizations
  • XML parsing und creation
  • SOAP and other services (reading und creation)


  • Data base design
  • Search indexing
  • Complex and optimized requests

HTML: Pixel accurate realization of layouts

  • HTML5
  • Realization of layouts
  • CSS
  • Optimizations for browsers (complete adjustments for IE8 and IE9 only at extra charge)
  • Seach Engine optimizations


  • Custom scripts
  • jQuery
  • Adjustments of jQuery-Plugins
  • Adjustments of existing scripts
  • AJAX


  • Installation
  • Creation of themes
  • Installation of modules
  • Creation of modules (backend and frontend)
  • Creation of new functionalities

Apache2/Linux Server

  • LAMP Installation/adaptions
  • Usage of linux programs, cronjobs and shell scripts


Selection of references

Services: Conception and programming of the plugin including import of data and logics. Programming of the formula interpreter. In the backend you select and configure the steps and view the user configurations (also under orders). Generation of image of 3D view with NodeJS. The Export of 3D models is not live yet.
Services: Creation of layouts including responsive, building of the website on basis of these layouts, building of a simple CMS with PHP and MySQL, PHP-Scripts, custom JavaScript, development of download area with own file manager for admin and authorized customers, HTML5 Video, PHP, Smarty, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, create icons as font.
Services: Conception and development of the extension with Typo3 and Extbase, Fluid, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, wkhtmltopdf for PDF-generation.